When the Vehicle Repairs Go Wrong…….

The North Carolina Motor Vehicle Repair Act is a powerful tool for the consumer.  It aspires to protect consumers from bad repairs, fraud, and other shenanigans at the hands of repair shops and even insurance companies.  The Act even allows a successful consumer to recover attorney’s fees.

Sometimes when a vehicle is badly damaged in a collision there is incentive by an insurance company and/or the body shop to understate the nature and amount of repairs needed. This incentive comes in two primary forms:  (1) ensuring repair work and payment for the body shop and (2) the insurance briefcase+company saves money by not having to pay the full total loss value on the claim.

Not every body shop or insurance company may be out to take advantage of the consumer but how will you know when your unlucky number is called? If your vehicle is involved in a collision and is repaired you should seriously consider getting a post-collision repair inspection. Click here for an example of the value of post-collision repairs gone wrong and click here to read how the consumers tackled the body shop in court and won.

Here’s hoping this never happens to you.  But if it does consult an experienced consumer law attorney.



  1. A lot of legal support can be found here in the UK for anyone who has been victim to a dodgy mechanic but we dont really have an act like this, it would be good if we did as unfortunately there really are some crooks out there in the car trade that give the rest of us a bad name!


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