Dancing With Debt Collectors

Dealing with debt collectors is rarely fun but often needs to be done. But if you are having to deal with a debt collector be on guard for potential problems and pitfalls such as these:

♦ Contacting you re a debt when you have an attorney handling the debt
♦ Seeking to collect on a debt listed in your bankruptcy petition/plan
♦ Repeated, excessive number of phone calls
♦ Foul and/or threatening language during a phone call re a debt
♦ Sending a letter or other written communication threatening to take action which legally cannot be taken re the debt
♦ Notifying certain third parties about the existence and details re the debt
♦ Posting your name and amount owed in a public place or place frequented by multiple third parties
♦ Failure to heed your written request that the collector validate or prove the debt

This list does not cover all the potential violations of state and federal law. If you have questions about your interactions with a debt collector or a debt settlement company contact an experienced consumer attorney for a consultation and possible representation.

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