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Cars & Vehicles car


Tips for Buying a Used Vehicle Does finding a reliable used car seem like an attempt to get onto a busy freeway? Confusing, overwhelming, etc….A vehicle can be a costly endeavor and even if you buy used you want to do your homework and get the best for your money. Here are some things to review, obtain, and consider…read more

Buying a Used Car (information from the Federal Trade Commission; includes link to information in Spanish)

Buying a New Car (information from the Federal Trade Commission; includes link to information in Spanish)

How to Buy A Car (a wealth of information and resources on purchasing a vehicle; includes link to information in Spanish)

Protect Yourself from Auto Fraud (Tips to keep you from being ripped off)

Check out that vehicle!

Know Your Rights!

Car Law: A to Z (Common terms and concepts associated with vehicles and vehicle law issues; a must read item and a great reference guide!)

Legal claims and remedies regarding issues with your vehicle (summarizes potential legal claims, requirements, damages, and other aspects of the law as relate to vehicles)

Car Law: Claims and Remedies (legal education paper) freeway

Your legal rights regarding your vehicle (Information on what to do in case of an accident, odometer fraud, failure to disclose vehicle damage, lemon law, used vehicle issues and tips for buying a used vehicle, guide to vehicle insurance coverage, and motor vehicle repair issues)

North Carolina Lemon Law Act (link to the North Carolina statute that protects you upon your purchase of a new vehicle)

North Carolina Vehicle Mileage Act (link to the North Carolina statute that protects you from odometer fraud)

Vehicle Repairs

North Carolina Motor Vehicle Repair Act (link to the North Carolina statute that protects you regarding repairs to your vehicle)

Preventing Ripoffs in Vehicle Repair and Maintenance (From

Employment and Wages

Having trouble collecting wages you have earned? Read more for tips and help….

Traffic Tickets

Driving Staying in the Driver’s Seat We’ve all had that feeling, haven’t we? Cruising down the highway or street when we suddenly realize that our speedometer is uncomfortably above the posted speed limit. Your heartbeat quickens as you hope your momentary transgression did not attract the attention of a law enforcement officer. Will this affect your driver’s license and auto insurance? So what do you do if you actually get a ticket?….read more

What’s The Point? (information on driver’s license points and insurance points)

Check your criminal or traffic court date (North Carolina District and Superior courts)

NC DMV form to request copy of driver license history/record

NC DMV Forms Webpage

Home Sweet Home

home_construction Tips for Selecting a Contractor

North Carolina General Contractor Licensing Board (search for a contractor, obtain complaint forms, learn about the Homeowner’s Recovery Fund, review documents and rules regarding contractors)

North Carolina Manufactured Housing Board (handles manufactured and modular housing complaints and issues)

Foreclosure help

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

ambulance Do’s and Don’ts in Personal Injury Cases You have been injured and it’s someone else’s fault. You have never been in quite this position before. Will you be able to return to work? What do you do about your medical bills? How do you deal with the insurance company? How much money are you entitled to recover? What things should you do? What things should you not do? Who should you trust?….Read more

Legal Information Guide (information on different types of personal injury claims)

Settlement Proceeds: Who’s Entitled to Money? (legal education paper)

Medical and Personal Injury Liens in North Carolina (legal education paper)

Dealing with Debt and Debt Collectors

This can be frustrating and tricky… sure to know your rights and make the right move!

What to do if you have been sued by a creditor, debt collector, debt buyer, or other person or entity collecting on a debtmaking the right move

How to handle harassing debt collectors

Frequently asked questions about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (from the Fair Trade Commission website)

Dealing with Debt Collectors (from the Fair Trade Commission website)

Text of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Applies only to debt collectors; not “original” creditors)

Text of North Carolina Debt Collection Act (Applies to anyone seeking to collect a debt for personal, family, household, or agricultural purposes)

Text of Fair Credit Reporting Act

Other Consumer Law Resources

American Bar Association pamphlet on Contracts and Consumer Law

North Carolina Landlord-Tenant Law (from Legal Aid of North Carolina)

Consumer’s Guide to Legal Help (from American Bar Association)

Lawyers and Legal Information

attorney_client Do I Need A Lawyer? Lawyers can provide valuable advice, assistance, and services but they are not needed in all situations. It is best to assume you need a lawyer and consult one beforehand rather than coming to the lawyer too late. Some people wait until they have waived certain claims, missed certain deadlines, admitted certain things, or otherwise negatively affected their legal rights and claims. Use this checklist in deciding if you need a lawyer….read more

Six Things to Ask About Your Lawyer If you currently have an attorney, ponder a few questions. If your attorney does not measure up to your desired answers to these questions, perhaps you should reconsider the representation. If you do not have an attorney, consider these questions in deciding who you should retain to represent you…read more

The Attorney-Client Relationship I have been practicing law since 1996 and my office tagline, “personal attention, professional results” was derived from my perception that most clients seek and need a lawyer they can talk to and trust with their important legal matters. An attorney and client each have responsibilities to meet to foster a positive working relationship which may also lead to a good case result. Here are some things that clients can do to help their attorney in handling their case…read more

Legal Information Guides published by the NC Bar Association (information on landlord-tenant issues, workers’ compensation, filing for bankruptcy; even includes pamphlets in Spanish)

Guide to Small Claims Court in North Carolina (prepared by Legal Aid of North Carolina)

Legal Services of the Southern Piedmont (Legal Aid office covering Charlotte and Greensboro areas)

Legal Aid of North Carolina (locations across North Carolina)

NCAJ Case Intake CLE–Convention 2014–PDF version (presented at 2014 NCAJ Convention)

Legal Quiz Take a few minutes to test your knowledge of various aspects of the law. How will you do? What will you learn? …read more


Law and Life Newsletters

Published quarterly, the O’Neal Law Office Law and Life newsletter has become a welcome source of fast, interesting, and educational information. The newsletter has been replaced by the O’Neal Law Office Law and Life Blog. Be sure to visit the blog and subscribe in your favorite RSS reader.

To review the Law and Life Newsletter archives click here.

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  • February 2005 (Legal Lead Story—Tips on Hiring a Contractor)

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