Taking the Chill Out of Winter Weather Vehicle Repairs

The maxim of “be careful what you ask for as you just might get it” rings quite true for me.  Many of you know I spend my formative years (age 1 to 13) in New York and obviously living in the Big Apple I saw my share of snow and ice and other winter precip. I am a Southerner now and have no plans or desire to move back to New York but I will admit one of the things I miss about winter in the world’s biggest city is the opportunity for several rounds of snow. Here in North Carolina the past few years have featured some measurable snowfall and winter weather and right now we are in the midst of a winter precip cycle.  Snow and ice last week, snow today across the state, and more headed our way today and Thursday.

Unfortunately with the winter weather come incidents and accidents. If your vehicle is damaged in a wreck suddenly you may be in the market for vehicle repair. When handling your vehicle repairs educate yourself.  North Carolina has a Motor Vehicle Repair Act which provides rights to consumers and imposes certain obligations on repair facilities. Here are a few of your valuable rights:

  • to receive a written repair estimate for estimates of repair over $350.00
  • to inspect and retain any parts removed from your vehicle [provided you make the request at the time you authorize repairs]
  • to receive an itemized written invoice for parts and labor provided to repair/service your vehicle

And note your rights as a consumer apply all year round; long after winter is gone or before it arrives. Take some time to learn a bit more about your rights when your vehicle is in need of repair.  If you have significant problems in obtaining the needed repairs and are in need of assistance you should contact an attorney for a consultation. In the end, be smart, be well, be safe, and enjoy the snow while you can.  Spring is not too far away….



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