Best Time to Buy…

Ever wondered if there is any method to the madness of when the best prices and bargains are available?  If you are busy like me you lack the time to keep a detailed play-chart.  Instead read this article which Continue reading

Help Yourself to Help Yourself Tips

Go ahead….help yourself to these tips.  Perhaps they will prevent any problems and your need for a lawyer.  I honestly hope so but if not feel free to contact me to discuss your situation.  But before you contact me please see what you need to have ready for our  Help yourself...and help yourselfconsultation.  Thanks for your support and happy reading (and sharing).

Back to School

Summer may not be over on everyone’s calendar but for students, faculty, teachers, and staff the fun times and long, lazy days are over.  School buses have already begun rolling in some places and more will be carrying their precious cargo starting today.  Many Quiz time!college and university students have moved in and gone through orientation and some have even had their first classes.

So that nobody feels left out let’s have a little education-based fun.  Review the following:

Personal injury quiz

Consumer law quiz

General legal quiz

If you had most of the questions correct, congratulations to you.  If you missed quite a few perhaps you need to hit the books (or this Blog) a bit.  Regardless of how you did on the quiz your next assignment is to share the Blog with someone in your family or a friend; anyone you believe could benefit from some free legal information and resources.  And for those of you who are sharp enough to use and read RSS feeds you can add the Law and Life Blog RSS feed to your favorite reader.

Lastly, review some back-to-school resources for parents and students covering everything from homework, spicing up those lunches, and many items in between.  Best wishes to you and hope you and yours have a great semester/session/year!

More Armor for Military: Military Lending Act Bulks Up

Our military service personnel are afforded special protections regarding consumer transactions and rightfully so.  They have enough on their plates and minds without worrying about shady car dealers or unscrupulous lenders trying to rip them off.  Unfortunately, the rip-offs and abuses continue but perhaps some new Continue reading

“So What Kind of Stuff Do You Do?”

This is a question that I receive quite a bit.  I have been practicing law since 1996 and have had the good fortune to work on a variety of cases in courts across North Carolina.  I have handled cases throughout North Carolina’s 100 counties including but not limited to Continue reading

Review Your Attorney-Client Relationship

If you are in the middle of a legal matter or otherwise are represented by a lawyer there are some questions you should be sure to ask to ensure you are in a good place.  The attorney-client relationship is highly regarded and should be mutually beneficial. Legal Questions

Take a few minutes of time to click here and review these six questions in assessing the status of your legal representation.  Best wishes to you..

Summer Reading: Short List

As summer marches on and Labor Day becomes a bit closer on the calendar it is a good time to do some brief summer reading.  For those of you who enjoy digital reads and feeding your mind check out these summer briefs which you are invited (and encouraged) to share:

Used vehicle flow-chart oceanfront view---summertime

Car Law: From A to Z

Legal Quiz

Safety on Gameday

If you want to read more visit the O’Neal Law Office Free Information Center for a plethora of resources and materials designed for your education and enlightenment.  Happy reading and happy summer!


Travel Tips–A Must Read for All Travelers

Summer is winding down but there is still time for that road trip or that flight or cruise.  When deciding on your mode of travel,  travel can be a beachaccommodations, restaurants, and other aspects of your trip you should consult quality sites for good information.  Check out these travel resources before you plan or take your next trip: Continue reading

Freebies For Your Good

Who doesn’t like something free?  Especially nowadays.  Well check out these freebies which can really benefit you….. Continue reading


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