Free Guides for Consumers: Must Read!

In the ongoing effort to feed the mind and empower consumers I share with you yet another free resource.  In fact, several free resources in the form of pamphlets and guides from the National Consumer Law Center.  Topics covered include bankruptcy, credit More info for your mental briefcase!reporting, identity theft, credit/debit card issues, and even Social Security.  Click here to view the NCLC resource page and be sure to share with your family and friends.

I need to take time to browse some of the links on the resource page I am sharing with you.  I will continue to share resources as I find them myself.  Be well my friend and, as always, thanks for your support.

UNCG Homecoming 2015!


What: Homecoming

When:  Wednesday, October 14 thru Sunday, October 18th

WhereCampus and campus community

What:  Fellow Spartans, food, fun, friends, family-friendly activities, futbol….and much more!

Why you should be there:  Just a few reasons include…..

  • Meet the new Chancellor (first African-American Chancellor in school history)
  • See your former professors and staff
  • Meet up with fellow Spartans
  • Meet current Spartan students
  • Tour the campus….see the old and the new

How can you miss this?  Don’t miss out this year.  Make this the year you participate and be a part of Homecoming Spartan Style.  Look to see you there.

Go Spartans!

The Decline of Dunkin?

In what is disappointing news for me Dunkin Donuts announced the impending closure of 100 stores in the United States.  I like the fact that DD is available in so many of the towns and areas I frequent (Lincolnton, New Bern, Greensboro, High Point, etc.)  I will say that their iced coffee is quite good but Continue reading

Read This Now and Hopefully Avoid Calling Me Later

Learn more about the before and after of how I can help you.  Be smart and be well and do share [this post].

What’s Up With That New Credit Card You Received?

Some of you may be receiving new credit or debit cards with a chip on the front versus the usual magnetic stripe on the back.  The new technology has been introduced overseas and is just now catching on here in the United States.  The chip is designed to promote card security and prevent data breaches.  Click here for a good brief article from a reputable source regarding the new cards.

How Helpful is that BBB Rating? Hmmm…

In doing one’s due diligence before agreeing to do business with a company often involves research of a company’s Better Business Bureau ratings and reviews.  I must admit from time to time when I am handling a case involving a business I will check the BBB BBB briefingratings and see if there have been any complaints especially unresolved complaints. Continue reading

Flashback Newsletter-Read, Learn, Share

It has been more than five years now since I began the effort to provide clients, consumers, colleagues, and others free information designed to make lives easier and feed the mind.  From time to time it is good to review what we have read and learned.  Take a moment to read this March 2010 Law and Life Newsletter which covers several items including the following:

  • Common legal mistakes
  • What is Mediation?
  • Counting Calories

Want to learn more?  Feel free to visit the Free Information Center to read other newsletters as well as articles, pamphlets, links and other resources.  Share with your family and friends.  Thanks for your support.

Research Those Recalls!

One common misconception is that sellers of vehicles are required to disclose whether a vehicle is subject to any recalls.  This is NOT true…at least not in North Carolina.  There is no specific legal requirement that any seller make disclosures related to manufacturer recalls or whether a vehicle has had recall-related repairs however…if a seller has specific knowledge of a recall this may change the duty of disclosure.  Continue reading

Pings to the Armor: Changes to NC Debt Collection Act

Put it in the bagRecently the North Carolina General Assembly passed and Governor McCrory signed into law a few changes to the North Carolina Debt Collection Act.  These changes appear to be designed to make it a bit easier for creditors and debt collectors to Continue reading

Happy Friday Spartan Style!

Good Friday to you.  Been a while since we chatted as I have been quite busy as of late.  Between contract drafting and negotiation, litigation, business development, planning a couple of trips, and catching up on some other things I have been a bit AWOL on the blog front. My apologies but I hope you took the chance to catch up on your reading of some of the blog posts and otherwise remain  Chancellor and wife in Spartan rideoccupied.  Back now…

I am one proud Spartan these days.  My beautiful cousin, Darlene Joyner Street (rest in Heaven my sister) has a son who is now a freshman at UNCG.  And last week I was privileged to attend a midday on-campus event welcoming UNCG’s new and first African-American Chancellor, Dr. Franklin Gilliam. I met him and his wife and they both appear to be engaging and highly motivated. They have energy and several initiatives and projects on tap and should make all Spartans proud.

For my Spartans you should make an effort to catch up with him and his wife at a stop on their tour across North Carolina.  As for you Spartans outside of North Carolina the Chancellor may be travelling to your town so stay tuned to UNCG’s event calendar for details.  In addition to getting some face time with the Chancellor you can send a card or letter of hello in addition to renewing (or making) a commitment to be an active alum.  Your alma mater needs your support now more than ever so take the opportunity to aid in the great momentum of our alma mater.  All universities and organizations have challenges and opportunities for growth so it is imperative that those with interest and ties dedicate themselves to helping to meet these challenges.

Happy Friday and I hope to see you at the G, about the G, on the G website, or otherwise connected to the G.  Go Spartans!


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