Travel Tips–A Must Read for All Travelers

Summer is winding down but there is still time for that road trip or that flight or cruise.  When deciding on your mode of travel,  travel can be a beachaccommodations, restaurants, and other aspects of your trip you should consult quality sites for good information.  Check out these travel resources before you plan or take your next trip: Continue reading Travel Tips–A Must Read for All Travelers

Breaking News: New Look to O’Neal Law Office Website!

Good day to each of you and thanks as always for your support.  For those of you who may not have visited my website in a while, I have revamped it to give it a bolder and more contemporary look.

Click here to view the site and learn more about what I do and how I might be of service to you, your family, and your friends.  This includes speaking on various legal topics.  And yes the Free Information Center is still in tact complete with various pamphlets, links, guides, and other resources to empower and educate you.

I am quite honored to receive referrals and am proud to serve my clients.  I am also glad to speak with fellow members of the legal profession who may have questions or otherwise be in need of my assistance.  Best wishes to each of you.

Flashback: Debt Collection for Non-Consumer Lawyers

For those of you who watch television you know that the summertime is replete with reruns or flashback episodes until the new season returns in the fall.  My website is not a tv show and hopefully has more meaningful content than can be found on many Another file for your mental briefcasetv shows.  However, in the vein of reruns and flashbacks this summer (and possibly beyond) I will be bringing you rehashes of previous posts and links that will hopefully serve as a refresher for you.

Today is a flashback to a continuing education seminar I prepared in which I provided some fundamentals of debt collection law for non-consumer lawyers.  The goal of the seminar and the paper I prepared was to educate consumers and lawyers who represent consumers facing harassing and unfair debt collections.  Here’s hoping it provides some informative content for you and do feel free to share.  Read paper here…if you are a consumer or lawyer who has further questions about a debt collection situation feel free to contact me for a consultation or association.

NC Moped Drivers Must Register Now, Insure Later

Effective July 1, all moped drivers in North Carolina must register their vehicles.  And effective July 1, 2016, moped operators will have to obtain liability insurance for their vehicles.  But for now no insurance is required and, strangely enough Continue reading NC Moped Drivers Must Register Now, Insure Later

Freedom Fourth

This Saturday the United States celebrates its 239th birthday and while there are many areas for improvement I believe most people can find something for which to be thankful.  Whether it be business opportunity, freedom of choice, freedom of travel, or some other liberty or privilege, there are multiple reasons that so many persons risk life and limb to migrate to the United 4th of JulyStates.

This 4th of July I think we should each reflect on the good, not-so-good, and in between as relate to our nation and strive to be part of the solution to at least one problem we see in our midst.  And after all this thinking and planning and remembering our veterans who sacrificed so that we could have these opportunities I implore you to enjoy a cold beverage, grilled item, or other good taste of the summer.  Godspeed to each of you and have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.

Tip of the Day: Get Your Docs (and Stuff) In a Row

I am contacted frequently by potential clients who do not have vital information needed for us to examine their prospective cases.  For example, calling me about a used vehicle purchased from a dealership but failing to have any information as to  What You Need To Havethe existence or nature of any warranty on the vehicle.  Another example is seeking legal advice on how to proceed with a claimed breach of contract but not having the contract handy for review.  Nothing really earth-shattering here; more common sense than anything.

In an effort to help people have the information handy which is needed for a full and frank discussion of their situation I have created the following list Continue reading Tip of the Day: Get Your Docs (and Stuff) In a Row

Accidental Handling of an Accident Case

Accidents happen.  In the legal world we refer to accidents as acts of negligence.  In essence, when an accident occurs and we can identify the party(ies) responsible for the accident and resulting injuries and damages it is important that a claim be  No further accidents!  Get some help...made for compensation.  There is nothing illegal, unethical, or otherwise bad about this approach.  It is merely a real world application of the mantra many of us heard as children “take responsibility for what you do.”  Insurance companies, sureties, and related entities were created to Continue reading Accidental Handling of an Accident Case

Tip of the Day: Do Not Mistrust Family and Friends

The worst question may be the one you do not ask but a close second may be the question you pose to someone who lacks the knowledge required to provide a correct answer.  If you pose a question to a family member or friend one would assume Got questions? Get good answersthe person would mean well and not desire to intentionally mislead you.  However, a desire to help cannot make up for a lack of knowledge.  And a lack of knowledge can be quite problematic depending on the question you are asking.  Continue reading Tip of the Day: Do Not Mistrust Family and Friends

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