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The People Are Speaking: Reform Payday Lending!

A recent set of reports from the well-known Pew Charitable Trusts indicates Americans have growing concerns about the payday lending industry and its uprightness (if that is even a word).  In essence, there is a desire for reform and further regulation of payday lending.  Nobody can really deny that payday lending fulfills a void in …

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Free Guides for Consumers: Must Read!

In the ongoing effort to feed the mind and empower consumers I share with you yet another free resource.  In fact, several free resources in the form of pamphlets and guides from the National Consumer Law Center.  Topics covered include bankruptcy, credit reporting, identity theft, credit/debit card issues, and even Social Security.  Click here to view the …

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Coming Soon: More Consumer Lawyers?

Times have been challenging for many people lately.  The economy and real estate markets are trying to bounce back while some people have run out of unemployment compensation while diligently searching for jobs.  And in the midst of all this the bills keep coming.  Need some good news? Those of you in the Raleigh-Durham area …

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