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Debt Collection A to Z: N is for Negotiation

Money owed?  One party wants to get paid and the other wants the matter resolved while paying some amount but not necessarily the entire amount du.  This results in a need to negotiate.  In the world of debt collection the negotiation often takes the form of a discussion between collector and consumer and if an …

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Debt Collection A to Z: K is for Knowingly

We all make mistakes and they carry consequences.  Forgiveness can be applied in certain situations.  However, knowingly doing things that violate the law is a different matter.  Especially when these things are doing on multiple occasions. In the world of debt collection (and consumer matters for that matter) knowingly violating the law can lead to some …

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Payday Lending: A Bag of Money and A Bigger Bag of Trouble

You need money…you need it fast……and you can’t get it from a bank.  You’re sitting at home watching tv and suddenly the answer appears:  a payday loan!  The money you need with minimal questions or delay.  And your credit is a virtual non-issue.  Great!  So you reach for the phone or computer to sign up.  STOP!  …

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