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The People Are Speaking: Reform Payday Lending!

A recent set of reports from the well-known Pew Charitable Trusts indicates Americans have growing concerns about the payday lending industry and its uprightness (if that is even a word).  In essence, there is a desire for reform and further regulation of payday lending.  Nobody can really deny that payday lending fulfills a void in …

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The (Western) Sky is Falling! Good News Story..

In the ongoing fight against rogue payday lending, the good guys and girls won one recently.  The North Carolina Business Court has prevented nationally known online payday lender Western Sky Financial LLC and several affiliated entities from doing business in North Carolina.  This victory is part of an ongoing legal battle being waged by

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The Feds are Coming! The Feds are Coming (for Payday Lending)!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is in the rulemaking process as the payday lending industry continues to rake in scores and scores of dollars in fees and interest at the expense of consumers.  Payday lending has managed to escape the grasp of the law in several states and the time has come to level the playing …

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