Lemon-Aid for 2017

In 2017 I want to focus more of my practice on lemon law cases.  “Lemon law” seems to be a generic term for the body of law relating to mechanic problems and defects relating to vehicles.  However, in its strictest sense, the term “lemon law” only applies to brand new

Lemon-Aid for consumers in 2017!

Lemon-Aid for consumers in 2017!

vehicles.  North Carolina, like other states, has a state lemon law statute and it can be a bit difficult to decipher and determine how to apply.  An oversimplification of the North Carolina lemon law statute is that a new vehicle purchaser may be able to obtain either a refund or a replacement vehicle if the purchaser’s vehicle has been out of service for a certain amount of time OR with the dealer for a certain number of unsuccessful repair attempts for the same defect.  There is documentation to be obtained/retained and notices required to be provided and negotiation will likely come into play.  Possibly even arbitration.

All of this is too much to summarize here or to provide a “how to guide” for consumers.  Trust me when I say that if you or someone you know is having a problem with a new vehicle it really does pay to consult with an experienced lemon law/consumer attorney.  It is possible that you will not pay a fee unless and until your lemon claim is resolved.  Thanks for a few moments of your time and I will await your call/email if the need should arise.  And, as always, please do share this post with your family, friends, and social networks.


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