The Flow of A Used Vehicle Claim

Happy new year to you!  This is the first time I have spoken to you since the calendar page turned to 2017.  Here’s hoping this is a great

Used vehicle flow chart-IMPORTANT!

Used vehicle flow chart-IMPORTANT!

year of abundance and good things for you and yours.

One of the most common phone calls and email inquiries I receive is “my used vehicle is a problem…do I have a case?” Hmm….Sometimes I feel like a broken record as I walk through the usual and necessary questions to determine the relevant facts and determine if I am able to help the prospective client.  In quite a few cases I am unable to help as there may be no valid warranty or the consumer may have taken some action (or failed to take some action) which hurt their potential claims.  In other situations the consumer has potential claims related to vehicle defects, misrepresentation of facts, failure to disclose information, financial improprieties, etc.

Click here for a flow chart which walks you through the initial questions used to determine if you have a potential case regarding your used vehicle.  In the holiday spirit—which should really never go away—I would request you forward this blog post to your family, friends, and social networks so it can help someone else.  Thanks again for your support and I look to chat back with you later this year.


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