Call Me If…You Have Been Sued in a Civil Case

Most people are quite busy nowadays.  The average non-lawyer lacks the time or interest or need to study the rules of civil procedure, evidence, court, etc.  And television and movies will not provide a non-lawyer with the information needed to effectively handle one’s Get Ready for Courtcase.

Some cases are small enough in nature that the non-lawyer may be well-advised to handle these on his or her own.  It saves on cost and can often lead to a somewhat more cost-effective result.  But there are other times when the stakes are higher and doing it yourself can actually cost you.

If you have been served with a civil summons and complaint or are otherwise a party in a civil case you should take a moment to see if you need an attorney.  Then if you need one contact one.  And do not delay as time and money and valuable rights can be lost by waiting…..


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