Call Me If…You Are Being Harassed By Debt Collectors

Debt collection is a booming business.  It is a legitimate business but some collectors cross the line.  There are protections in place for consumers who owe debts and it is important each consumer be aware of these protections.  Foul language?  Threats of jail if you don’t pay up?  Has your debt been shared with third parties without your consent?  If you are being or have been harassed or

Run from debt but NOT from rogue debt collectors!

Run from debt but NOT from rogue debt collectors!

otherwise believe you have been treated unfairly by a debt collector you should consult an experienced attorney.

I have represented many consumers in their dealings with debt collectors.  There are occasions where the debt is legitimate and the collector acted reasonably and legally.  On these occasions the consumer’s best plan is to obtain the best possible resolution of the debt.  But in the situations where a collector has violated the consumer’s rights the power often shifts to the consumer.  I work to obtain a fair and favorable outcome for consumers who have been wronged by debt collectors.  Sometimes that includes an erasure of the debt and the payment of compensation to the consumer along with payment of the consumer’s attorneys fees.  If you have reason to believe a debt collector has violated your rights consult me today so we can assess your situation.


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