Rivalry Renewed and (More) Memories Made

Great weekend for me.  A lifelong Pittsburgh Steeler fan, back when my team won Super Bowl XL in Detroit in 2006 I placed a trip to Heinz Field on my “must do” list.  Well, ten years later I finally made the trip.  And what a trip it was…..I was on hand for the renewal of our rivalry against the Dallas Cowboys.  The NFL only schedules the teams to play once every four years and I was blessed to be in Dallas (technically, Arlington) for the 2012 game in which my Steelers lost a hard fought contest.  Flash forward to November 13, 2016 and the game was epic—perhaps the best game of the season so far.  My Steelers came up a bit short on the scoreboard–again–but the gameday experience was amazing.  My good friend Isaiah Delemar Dallas fan herejoined me again for the game and his Dallas fandom made watching the game even more fun.  We went back and forth the whole time but all in good fun—friends over football.  Steeler up!

I am not a huge fan of flying but it was the only way to make the trip in a weekend.  Well worth it…I was truly blessed to be able to make the trip and I am thankful to those who made the weekend a memorable one for me—Isaiah’s amazing wife, Natalie Delemar; Natalie’s fantastic sister Nadege Lockley and her husband Cliff Lockley…and Nathan and Noah Lockley, their wonderful sons!  The life lesson here is that life is short and it is important that we sometimes step outside our comfort zone and create memories with the people who are important to us.  It is not about the relative magnitude of the moment or even the money that is spent–quality is more important than quantity.  As we head into the Thanksgiving season I have many things to be thankful for including some really great friends.  Take time next week to spend with family and friends.  I sure plan to do so….best wishes…and Go Steelers!


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