Rejoin and Recap….Will Report Back

Good day.  It has been several days since we last spoke.  Since then a lot has happened…  I voted (have you?  If not, definitely do so…no excuses)…I voted

My mother turned 75 years of age (God is good!)

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series…!  Congratulations to them and all their fans..

The Presidential campaign has had many twists and turns related to emails, unsavory statements, and tons of allegations (glad Election Day is less than a week away)

NBA and NHL seasons have begun..

UNCG Homecoming has come and gone….and by all accounts it was a fantastic time had by all….

College football now has its first set of playoff rankings….Tide keeps rolling, Big Blue is in the midst, and Louisville is looking for a way into the 4-team conversation….

The NFL has seen some crazy results..two ties…a Sunday night debacle (Seahawks v Cardinals) followed by a Sunday night masterpiece (Eagles v Cowboys)….a Panthers malaise, a Cowboys rise, a Patriots return, and many other developing storylines…

I have spent some time with some of my family though not nearly as many of them as I would like……time is so precious….miss and love my fam…

On the legal side, I have been at work.  This past Friday I conducted a one-hour continuing legal education Webinar on dealing with debt collectors

I hope you and yours have been well.  I will try to get back to you with some legal updates in the next several weeks.  In the meantime take some time to click on the links in this email so you can catch up on some things.  Also feel free to peruse this Blog and the Free Information Center at the O’Neal Law Office website for free tips and information that can save you time, money, and aggravation.  Finally, enjoy the fall weather and foliage and take some time out to spend with the ones you love.  Life is short….work hard, play harder, and pray hardest—-that’s my motto.  Ciao!


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