This is One Mad Cat: A Vehicle Repair Story

I live in North Carolina and I realize that many folks here are Carolina Panther fans.  I am okay with that although I am a lifelong Pittsburgh Steeler fan.  I have no qualms with the Panthers and actually like their team and the way their organization is run as it mirrors my Steelers organization in many ways.  Anywho (as several of my wonderful girl cousins would say..) one Panther was not too thrilled about his recent experience with a vehicle repair shop in the Queen City.  Mike Tolbert took his vehicle to Motion Lab Tuning for some work to be done and, by his version, the work took too long, the work was not completed, and the work cost too much.  How did he show his displeasure?  He took to social media and blasted the shop but he did pay his bill….in coins.  All $3,900.00 of it….wow!

North Carolina has a motor vehicle repair law that protects consumers and seeks to set some boundaries for consumers and businesses.  Not sure how many (if any) laws were broken in the course of Mr. Tolbert’s dealings with the repair shop but I do know I get many calls from consumers who have questions and problems with their own repair experiences.  If you find your vehicle repair in need of repair or some attention, you should contact a consumer lawyer for a consultation and possible representation.


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