Law and Life Blog Turned Four Years Old This Month

Thank you for all of your readership, comments, shares, and other support of the Law and Life Blog.  At times I do not write as often as I would like or should but I hope you find the Blog a source of reference and helpful information.  Injecting humor and humanity-as

Happy (4th) Birthday Law and Life Blog!

Happy (4th) Birthday Law and Life Blog!

appropriate-into the thorny issues of law and legal related problems…..this is the goal of the Blog.

Although the Blog first appeared in May 2012 the predecessor Law and Life Newsletter dates back to February 2005.  Back then I was working at a law firm in Greensboro handling primarily personal injury and civil litigation.  Since then I have been blessed to open my own office and expand my focus to handling a plethora of consumer matters such as homeowners’ issues, auto fraud, unfair and harassing debt collection—to name a few.  Click here for more information on my areas of practice.

Please continue to share Blog posts with your family, friends, and others in your sphere of influence.  And if you are reading this post but are not a subscriber take a few moments to sign up–Click here and on the top right side of your page where you see “Follow Blog via Email” type your email address in the box and click on the “Follow” button underneath the box.  You will get an email in your inbox (be sure to check your Junk mail box) with simple directions how to confirm your subscription.  Simple indeed…..

Best wishes to each of you and may you be a better informed consumer and citizen by virtue of the Law and Life Blog.



  1. Jeff Acker

    Thanks for the great blog, John. I read every post and often click the links to get more info. Enjoyed the Spokeo post from earlier today as well. Keep up the great work. Jeff A.

  2. Art Donaldson

    John, thanks for educating us about consumer rights. You have been very helpful to my practice. Happy anniversary!

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