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Trial preparation is one of those times when a lawyer has to review the entire file and organize the documents, theories, arguments, and other materials for presentation in court.  Whether the trial is before a jury or a judge there is a need for  Notes evidence and documentation and corroboration.  All this provides a few quick tips:

Keep your documentation:  Many times I have had to decline representation because the potential client lacks documentation for us to review or assess the prospects for the case.  Misplaced or destroyed documents have sunk and saved many people.

Take pictures when appropriate:  This applies to physical injury, damage to vehicles, accident scenes, and many other things in which a picture is worth a thousand words…and sometimes hundreds of dollars (or more).

Make notes:  Writing notes, keeping a diary, or otherwise documenting your recollection of events, places, other things relevant to your case could be immensely helpful.  Whether you use your smartphone, the cloud, or a more traditional pen-and-paper approach you should make notes and keep them in a safe place.

Make recordings when appropriate:  some key evidence in cases involves audio or video recording.  Today’s smartphones that allow video and audio recording are a huge tool.  Memories fade, sometimes intentionally.

Know when to seek help:  Not every issue or situation requires the assistance of a lawyer but making the call for assistance is often the best call you will make.  Click here for some help in deciding if you would benefit from legal counsel.


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  1. Jeff Acker

    Knock it out of the park in Charlotte, John!

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