Free Lawyer Friday–One Time Offer!

For those who may not have the time or money to meet with a lawyer, an event is coming which could be a real help.  On Friday, March 4th the North Carolina Bar Association will have its annual 4ALL Statewide Service Day.  From 7 am to 7 pm you can dial one of the following numbers for a free brief consultation with a lawyer:

Asheville: 1800-289-0013

Charlotte: 1866-616-4255

Greensboro: 1877-391-6179

Greenville: 1888-616-0614

Raleigh: 919-744-3861

Wilmington: 910-777-6001

Winston-Salem: 1800-638-2869


Attorneys are available to help answer questions about:




Corporate Formation


Estate Planning

Family Law /Child Issues       



Personal Injury

Attorneys are available for 3-5 minute consultations. If you need more significant legal assistance, please contact the Lawyer Referral Service. Through the Lawyer Referral Service you can make a 30 minute appointment to speak with an attorney for a $50 fee. The Lawyer Referral Service may be reached at 1800-662-7660.

If you have a legal question or issue you have been putting off now is the time to take care of business.  Too often the wait costs you more than you can afford.

I will be putting in an afternoon shift at the Greensboro call center for the 4ALL Statewide Service Day and look forward to helping as many people as possible.  The day is lengthy yet rewarding for all the attorneys and legal staff who organize and facilitate the event.  Best wishes to you in getting some free legal consultation….if you need it!


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