Debt Collection A to Z: Z is for Zero

Finishing up our alphabet series on debt collection we take a look at the letter Z.  In our review Z will stand for “zero.”  This refers to the amount of ground you should give up if you are being subjected to harassing or illegal activities by debt collectors.  These activities include the following:

  • Frequent phone calls especially at unusual times of day/night
  • Phone calls from unlisted/unpublished numbers
  • Foul or threatening language used by debt collectors
  • Letters or correspondence which threaten actions the collector cannot, legally, undertake
  • Letters or correspondence with misleading or false information
  • Contacting family members, friends, co-workers, and other third parties and discussing details regarding the debt
  • Failure to verify a debt upon a written request from the debtor

To review the other letters of the alphabet relating to debt collection issues click here.  For information on handling communication with debt collectors click here.  Finally, to consult with an attorney regarding violations and unfair acts by debt collectors click here.


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