Super Bowl 50: If You Are Going Don’t Get Taken Too!

Sunday, February 7th is Super Bowl Sunday….the 50th installment of what has grown to a virtual American holiday.  Some have advocated the day after should be an official holiday while others (including myself) have suggested the game should be moved to Saturday so the weary partiers and fans will have a day of rest and recuperation before returning to work.  But alas the game must go on and Sunday is the big day.

Most people will be watching the game at home or at viewing parties or other places outside of the stadium.  For a fortunate few who will actually be in the stadium, game day will be an experience of a lifetime.  Some of you are trying to get tickets and make arrangements to be on hand for what appears to be an epic battle between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.  A few tips for those of you who are working on ticket, travel, and game arrangements:

  • Read all contracts carefully before signing
  • Beware of ticket fraud
  • Book everything on a credit card—-not a debit card.  Credit cards afford you the power to dispute charges and some protection against fraud
  • If you are using a travel agent or booking agent check them out via the Better Business Bureau, references, etc.
  • Ask as many questions as you need to before committing your money and making final decisions

I lack the time or money or need to attend the game.  Perhaps things would be different if my Pittsburgh Steelers were playing but that is definitely not the case.  More power to those of you who will be attending the game or going to Santa Clara to participate in some of the annual NFL Experience events. Wherever you may be on Super Sunday I hope you enjoy the game and an opportunity to spend some good times with family and/or good friends.


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