Celebrating 10 and 20: Thanks for Your Support!

This month marks 10 years since I opened my own practice, the O’Neal Law Office.  It has been quite the venture and adventure so far.  I have had the opportunity to help many people, travel many places, meet and mentor and be mentored, etc.

Thank you to my clients, past and current…

Thank you to my mentors and mentees for inspiring me and helping me be what I am today….

Thank you to my wonderful family for all your referrals, opportunities to help, and overall support….

Thank you to my classmates from high school, college, and law school for allowing me to assist you and providing me with a myriad of connections and resources

Thank you to my colleagues and members of the Bar—even outside of North Carolina—for keeping me on my toes and helping me learn what I need to be a credit to our noble profession

As to the 20, that relates to my 20th year as an attorney.  That celebration occurs in August of this year.  More on that later…in the meantime I again extend many, many “thank yous “to all of you and for those of you in the midst of Winter Storm Jonas please be safe and warm.


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