Holiday Replay

Good day to you.  Christmas is 10 days away and we are all busy preparing for the holidays, some time off from work, travel, and other features of what winds up being essentially a lame duck week or so (December 24th to January 1st).  I too am busy.  An arbitration hearing this morning…..beginning the draft of a brief for a pivotal motion in a case set for trial in March…assisting and on Friends and Footballvirtual stand-by for a trial that started yesterday.  I am sure I am not the only one with a busy schedule right now.

Given my busy schedule at the moment I will take an easy yet appropriate opportunity to post a blog post that is one of my personal favorites.  I hope it brings you some cheer and a prompt for some reflection on the true meaning of the holiday season.  And many thanks again to Isaiah and Natalie Delemar for one of the best weekends I have ever had!

Regardless of your affiliation or lack thereof it is always good to take some time out and think about one’s current journey in life and the things we find important.  I will leave you to your reading and thoughts…click here for the replay.  Best wishes.


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  1. Melody Chadwick

    Lovely read.

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