Calling All Spartans..

I am a proud UNCG Spartan and while my alma mater has its share of challenges there are also many great stories and accomplishments.  I challenge all my Spartan friends to stay abreast of what is going on at our alma mater on the news side,  Spartan spirit!academic side, sports side, arts side, and otherwise.  There are many points of pride and opportunities for us to celebrate and promote the institution that afforded us so much.

I hear some alumni complain that they do not know what is going on with our alma mater and they are waiting for someone to contact them.  No!  Do not wait for information to come to you; instead seek out information and add UNCG to your news feeds, Favorites page, and any other means you use to track the features in your life.  One great way to follow your alma mater is to read the University’s Campus Weekly page. Just like anything else that is valued, you should go after it and not wait for it to come to you.

If you are a Spartan it is a good bet that you owe some portion of your current success and station in life to the people and opportunities you had while you were a student.  If you have questions and concerns about the University be a part of the solution. Find ways to go back and give back to your alma mater.  UNCG has produced thousands of graduates who are all across the globe making a difference and it is important that we aid in the effort to keep this good thing going.

For those of you who have some time to read during this Thanksgiving holiday weekend I commend to you the current edition of the venerable UNCG Magazine.  So I leave you in Spartan spirit and with a request you fulfill our alma mater’s motto of “service.”  Welcome aboard and let’s keep riding this Spartan train.


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