Busting Up the NFL Monopoly: Fans Strike Back!

Fed up with being limited to having to purchase the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package to watch NFL games–which can now be over $300 per season for some subscribers–several football fans are suing the NFL, CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC.  The lawsuit alleges these billion dollar entities have conspired to limit accessibility to viewing NFL games thereby resulting in higher costs for viewers who choose to pay to watch games.  The lawsuit seeks class action status which would mean opening the floodgates for potential monetary recovery and damages for thousands of football fans across the country (and maybe even overseas)….yikes!  The litigation process is quite lengthy and with so much on the line in this case you can best believe both sides are in it for the long haul.

This story is one to watch.  But in the meantime enjoy the NFL games when and where you can.  Hint:  I watch them on network tv and listen to them on radio.  No paying for me.  Go Steelers!


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