Sports Break

Aside from the world of “Empire” and “How to Get Away With Murder” and other television dramas there is a world of release and recreation which can be a bit more wholesome and not as scripted.  It is the world of sports.  As many of you know this is a busy

Love the game!

Love the game!

time in the world of sports as the World Series has recently concluded, the NBA and NHL seasons have recently begun, and
football nears the halfway mark, just to name a few.

I will not bore you with my sports allegiances and fandom but instead suggest you find or restoke your own.  Enjoy games on television and radio and, when possible, take a trip to the stadium or ballpark.  And it is even better if you find some sports, games, and recreational activities in which you can participate.  Being physically active helps with stress, mental acuity, sleep, fitness, and so many other facets of your life.  Eating and drinking well are even more important than exercise.

So I encourage you and empower you to take a sports break and recharge your battery before getting back to life as we know it.  And along the way implement a well-placed purge to further fuel your busy life.  Best wishes to you!


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