The Decline of Dunkin?

In what is disappointing news for me Dunkin Donuts announced the impending closure of 100 stores in the United States.  I like the fact that DD is available in so many of the towns and areas I frequent (Lincolnton, New Bern, Greensboro, High Point, etc.)  I will say that their iced coffee is quite good but
 their food items are a bit overpriced for meager portions and average quality.  DD does make coupons available but I think these are too few and far between.  Unless one is hopelessly hooked on the DD brand of coffee (not me; I like it but not hooked) or donuts (better than Krispy Kreme but note I grew up in New York so I am biased) there may not be much of a draw.

I hope DD figures things out and strengthens its brand.  I am no business expert but I would suggest they look at having some type of value menu and/or offer more coupons.  No word yet on exactly which stores are slated to close but I am sure we will see in the coming weeks.  I will continue to seek the iced coffee with cream and sugar and a caramel flavor swirl every once in a while as a not-so-guilty pleasure.


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