Happy Friday Spartan Style!

Good Friday to you.  Been a while since we chatted as I have been quite busy as of late.  Between contract drafting and negotiation, litigation, business development, planning a couple of trips, and catching up on some other things I have been a bit AWOL on the blog front. My apologies but I hope you took the chance to catch up on your reading of some of the blog posts and otherwise remain  Chancellor and wife in Spartan rideoccupied.  Back now…

I am one proud Spartan these days.  My beautiful cousin, Darlene Joyner Street (rest in Heaven my sister) has a son who is now a freshman at UNCG.  And last week I was privileged to attend a midday on-campus event welcoming UNCG’s new and first African-American Chancellor, Dr. Franklin Gilliam. I met him and his wife and they both appear to be engaging and highly motivated. They have energy and several initiatives and projects on tap and should make all Spartans proud.

For my Spartans you should make an effort to catch up with him and his wife at a stop on their tour across North Carolina.  As for you Spartans outside of North Carolina the Chancellor may be travelling to your town so stay tuned to UNCG’s event calendar for details.  In addition to getting some face time with the Chancellor you can send a card or letter of hello in addition to renewing (or making) a commitment to be an active alum.  Your alma mater needs your support now more than ever so take the opportunity to aid in the great momentum of our alma mater.  All universities and organizations have challenges and opportunities for growth so it is imperative that those with interest and ties dedicate themselves to helping to meet these challenges.

Happy Friday and I hope to see you at the G, about the G, on the G website, or otherwise connected to the G.  Go Spartans!


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