Travel Tips–A Must Read for All Travelers

Summer is winding down but there is still time for that road trip or that flight or cruise.  When deciding on your mode of travel,  travel can be a beachaccommodations, restaurants, and other aspects of your trip you should consult quality sites for good information.  Check out these travel resources before you plan or take your next trip:  One of my favorite websites, it allows you to simultaneously search hotels, vehicle rentals, and flights on multiple discount websites.  Another outstanding feature of this site is the plethora of reviews posted by travelers.  I typically post reviews after I travel.  Official website for the American Automobile Association, better known by the three-letter acronym.  A membership with AAA gets you discounts on hotels, attractions, and many other travel-related items.  The website is open for all to use but as one would expect membership has its privileges.  Who knew?  Recently I did a quick weekend trip and the round-trip airfare was had at a great rate thanks to a mere Google search.  A search of “flights from RDU to Washington, DC” or “flights from Charlotte to Las Vegas” or something similar will prompt a quite user-friendly listing of fares and available dates.  The same concept can be used for hotels “Hotels in Miami Beach” and if you click on the “Maps” portion of Google you can see a map listing of hotels and prices.  With Google the sky is the limit.  Another fantastic aggregator of travel bargains.  Check it out for yourself.  Crazy, zoo-like discounts on varied locations with differing terms and conditions.  If you have some flexibility as to your dates of travel you may find a steal of a deal…or two…or more.  The venerable Clark Howard has links to travel discounts and a treasure trove of good consumer information for travelers.

And if you will need a rental vehicle be sure to engage in a quick rental review.  Be careful and if you receive a traffic ticket consult me or another local attorney as to how to handle the situation. Enjoy your trip and make those memories that will last a lifetime!


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