NC Moped Drivers Must Register Now, Insure Later

Effective July 1, all moped drivers in North Carolina must register their vehicles.  And effective July 1, 2016, moped operators will have to obtain liability insurance for their vehicles.  But for now no insurance is required and, strangely enough, no driver’s license is required to operate a moped.  (No word on whether the law may change so as to require operators to possess a valid driver’s license.)

While there is debate about the effect and cost of the legal changes I think it is safe to say that the primary goal is to provide another (potential) layer of protection for all motorists and pedestrians in North Carolina.  I realize that some operators of mopeds have benefited from the relative low cost of ownership of their vehicles but there is something to be said for imposing at least some costs that can help protect others who may be affected by accidents which occur involving mopeds.

For those of you who own a moped go ahead and complete the paperwork at your local DMV to register your vehicle.  If you receive a citation or ticket for an offense related to operation or ownership of a moped be sure to consult an attorney.


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