Tip of the Day: Do Not Mistrust Family and Friends

The worst question may be the one you do not ask but a close second may be the question you pose to someone who lacks the knowledge required to provide a correct answer.  If you pose a question to a family member or friend one would assume Got questions? Get good answersthe person would mean well and not desire to intentionally mislead you.  However, a desire to help cannot make up for a lack of knowledge.  And a lack of knowledge can be quite problematic depending on the question you are asking. 

There are many myths and misinformed statements regarding legal matters and I am often asked about them.  I try to educate people on various aspects of the law as appropriate and answer questions on topics with which I have some familiarity and knowledge.  But there are times when I lack the knowledge required to answer a question and I strive to be honest about my lack of knowledge.

In the end it is all about getting the correct information and the answers you need.  So in your quest for that information exercise caution as to whom you ask your question.  If you have questions regarding a case within one of my areas of practice please feel free to contact me.


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