Tip for the Day: Turn Right or Go to The Light

Here is a tip which may save you or someone else some time, injury, or even worse.  When there is a need to exit a parking lot or otherwise cross a line of traffic please DO NOT get “waived through”.  Being “waived through” is where a vehicle is waiving through...feeling lucky today?seeking to make a left turn across one line or direction of traffic and relies upon a driver (or several drivers) to stop and indicate that it is safe to make the left turn.  I have seen far too many near misses when this occurs.  The better alternatives are to (1) make a right turn and soon thereafter execute a safe left turn or, if safely possible and legal, a U-turn or (2) to drive to a traffic light which controls the flow of traffic.

Legally if you are seeking to cross and are “waived through” and a collision occurs you can be cited for failure to yield the right of way or some similar traffic violation.  Not to mention you likely would be the liable party for the collision and any resultant damages and injuries.  Not good for your driver’s license or insurance.

While I understand nobody really likes to wait for a long line of traffic to recede before making a left turn I would suggest you avoid being “waived through” and save yourself far more headaches down the proverbial road.  But if you do not heed this advice and receive a traffic citation/ticket for your decision-making feel free to contact me to discuss your options.


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