Vehicle Law 101: Class is In Session

Recently I presented a Webinar on vehicle issues: Law to the People–April 30–CLE Powerpoint–PDF version.  The presentation was designed for legal professionals seeking an introductory course on the topic but the information is just as valuable to non-lawyers.  In Vehicle Law 101fact, I submit that everyone could benefit from taking a few moments to review this presentation.  We are all consumers and many of us have vehicles or will endeavor to purchase or own a vehicle.

This post is being sent during a long weekend so perhaps you can find a few moments to peruse the above presentation and learn about the law and your rights as relate to a multitude of vehicle issues.  Dispelling myths and dispensing information are but two goals of me sharing this presentation with you. Feel free to save the above link for future reference and share it with family and friends.  If you have particular questions about a vehicle situation do not hesitate to contact me.  Best wishes to you and thanks for your support…


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