Rejoin…Been Busy…Working

Good day to each of you.  It’s been a couple of weeks since we chatted and I apologize.  I got busy….a bit busier than usual.  Hope working!you have been well and enjoying these spring and semi-summer temperatures.  I have played golf a couple of times since we last spoke but the vast majority of time has been spent working.

Working on several lawsuits including one I am slated to file against a dealership which sold my client a vehicle with no disclaimer of warranty (i.e. no “as is” sale) and the vehicle malfunctioned the same day she took delivery.  Since then the vehicle has been a plethora of problems and it is time to figure out how and how much my client will be compensated.  One other interesting lawsuit involves a client who was assaulted by a couple of repo men who left him injured and didn’t even take the vehicle………geez!

Working on my manuscript for presentation at the 2015 NCAJ Convention in mid-June.  Manuscript finished.

Working on connecting with several other lawyers and professionals to obtain knowledge, resources, and opportunities to better serve my clients.  A constant work in progress.

Working on spending time with family and friends.  Get the picture?  What are you working on?  Chat back with you later….




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