Debt Collection A to Z: Y is for Yellow–The Color of Rogue Debt Collectors

Yes, I said it.  Yellow, the color of cowards and chickens………that color fits.  Now, let’s not be mistaken.  I am not putting all debt collectors in this color category.  Just the bad ones.  The collectors and creditors that you hear about on the news.  The ones who do things such as the following:

Call and scream at debtors

If the shirt fits.....Berate and use profane language when speaking to debtors

Threaten to have debtors arrested but refuse to provide their contact information (this is a favorite tactic of collectors seeking to collect on payday loans)

Call friends, family, employers, and other third parties and share personal information about debtors

Post the debtor’s information in public for all to see

Send letters and documents that purport to be legal documents and otherwise seek to deceive the debtor

Repeatedly call debtors in an attempt to intimidate or annoy them into making payments

So as a debtor or consumer what can you do about it?  Know your rights and assert them when appropriate.  Do not be bullied or belittled by the yellow-bellied debt collector. Hopefully this is a dying breed of collector……one can only hope.



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