Debt Collection A to Z: W is for Why?

After practicing law for almost 20 years and being a consumer lawyer for the last 10 it never fails to amaze me the lengths people and businesses will go to in an attempt to take advantage of others.  Threats, deception, ridicule, violence, etc. Sometimes I just have to ask “why”.  Don’t you?

  • Why do debt collectors file lawsuits when they know they lack the proof of their legal right to collect on the debt?
  • Why do lenders forge consumers’ signatures on debt-related documents and then try to hold the consumers responsible on the WHY?debt?
  • Why do car dealers fudge the facts and numbers to seek approval of a loan and then try like the dickens to convince the consumer (and often a prospective lender) the consumer padded the application information?
  • Why do some debt collectors publish the consumer’s debt to several different third parties and pretend it doesn’t matter?
  • Why do debt collectors and creditors make verbal agreements with consumers regarding payment modifications and then get “convenient amnesia” regarding the agreements or any such discussions?

But perhaps even more concerning to me is why consumers put up with these and other abuses and violations.  Don’t be that consumer who is victimized and further emboldens rogue debt collectors.  If you believe a debt collector is violating your rights contact an experienced consumer lawyer.


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