Sorry for the extended hiatus folks.  Been a bit busy.  Just finished and submitted a Powerpoint for a presentation next week in Durham re vehicle law.  And commencing work on a presentation to be given as part of the NCAJ Convention in June.  Also winding down a few lengthy cases and getting up to speed on my New York Rangers playoff march while keeping up with my Washington Nationals as the MLB season is just getting up and running.  And looking forward to a family outing at UNC baseball game this Saturday night (Go Heels!).  Several more things on tap as well..

I hope this email finds you and yours doing well and enjoying the break in weather and the advent of spring temperatures.  Pollen aside, there have been several nice, sunny, warm days in the past couple of weeks and we look forward to more ahead.  As you launch into spring in earnest take a few moments to consider doing some spring cleaning.  While you read and share I will get back to work and report back to you soon.  Best wishes and thanks for your support…..



  1. Joseph Johnson

    Welcome Back

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks much, Joe. Go Spartans! best wishes to you and Cynthia and the fam..

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