“And The Score At the End of The 1st Quarter Is…”

You fill in the blank.  The first three months of 2015 have come and gone and it is as good a time as any to take inventory of the year to date.  Taxes are due in about two weeks, March Madness is almost over, and the Major League Baseball season kicks off this weekend.  Easter Sunday is near and many people are focused on rejuvenation and rebirth.

As for me it has been a busy first three months.  On the somewhat bitter side, I lost two very important family members; one was an entrepreneur and outstanding male role model, the other was an outstanding cousin who was more like a younger sister.  I am thankful for the time I had with each of them and the many things we shared.  Love them much and will try to carry the torch of their memories and represent them and the rest of my family.

However, there have been some sweet moments too.  My family has experienced two births and my cousins who are recent mothers are ecstatic.  Also the recent funerals have afforded me the opportunity to see some family members I rarely get to see.  And those of you who know me know that I love my family. So as one would hope, family togetherness helps us get through times of transition.  I am quite blessed in this regard.

As the year marches on I plan to visit with many members of my family.  And in May my law school housemate and his wonderful wife will see their oldest son march across the high school graduation stage at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta…..I plan to be there too!  Golf season is almost here and I hope to play several rounds with friends and family.  And my recurring visits to the gym really help recharge my battery and keep me going. Also have to make time for my alma maters, UNCG and UNC Chapel Hill……..for sports and mentoring and other connections.

On the business side I continue to represent consumers, policyholders, and individuals across North Carolina and even some outside of the Tar Heel state.  I recently had a trial in a breach of contract case that did not end so well but we fought the good fight and the outcome was much like I predicted.  I am putting the finishing touches on the case as my client did recover a judgment but not nearly as much as one would have hoped. My caseload keeps going and the calls/e-mails keep coming from prospective clients.  Meanwhile I am working on two upcoming legal education presentations; one in April on vehicle cases and the other in June on hot topics in consumer law.

I must thank each of you for your continued support.  Please do pass along any and all blog posts and content you believe may be helpful to those in your sphere of influence.  And do take some time to reflect on where you have been in 2015 and what may lie ahead for you in the coming months.  Best wishes to you and yours for a positive remainder of the year……and beyond.  And a happy and blessed Easter weekend to all of you.


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