Can You Beat the (Vehicle) Dealer? Feeling Lucky?

If you are feeling lucky, take a real gamble and buy a vehicle “as is.”  I continue to receive calls and emails from consumers who purchase vehicles with no warranty and soon thereafter learn the dealer won. rolling the dice

In the casinos in Las Vegas, the dealer almost always win (maybe not every hand/game but enough of them to remain in business and taking gamblers’ money) and the gambler has little control over the game.  In the vehicle buying world, too often the dealer wins because the consumer gambles when they need not do so.  A consumer has leverage and can take several precautions to minimize the risk of being a big loser.

I will not belabor this message any longer but please, PLEASE, PLEASE do not gamble with your money when buying a used vehicle.  Do your homework and protect your money.  Good luck!




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