Family Pride: Got Some?

Family support is of vital importance.  It can propel people to greatness or plunge them into despair.  I am saddened when I hear of some of the things that happen to people within their own families.  Family should be the one set of folks who have each others’  backs and are available for support.  Now “support” does not necessarily mean carte blanche or other room to take advantage of each other.  There must be a happy medium between
 the give and take so that folks can remain….well….somewhat happy.  As one of my cousins would say “anywho”….

I am richly blessed to have such a great family.  From my parents (rest on Dad) to my aunts and uncles and my many, many great cousins there are so many sources of strength and inspiration for me. It is not about titles or money or fame.  It is about character and heart and positive energy.  I am constantly chatting with members of my large family and am often amazed by their experiences and stories they share.  For example….

My family has entrepreneurs….business owners….community advocates and leaders……clergy…healthcare professionals….attorneys (and even one attorney-in-training as we speak!)…educators…..civil servants and government employees……athletes……male role models……mothers (so many great mothers!).  The elder statesperson in my family is a robust 104 years old….wow!

The takeaway from this blog post is for you to draw strength and wisdom from the members in your family. Get to know them and find that positive energy and those who can motivate you to be a better “you”.

Thank you to every member of my family for making me proud and helping to put me where I am today.  Hoping to see many of you throughout the year. Let’s stick together and keep in touch. Love you all…..  #millsfamunited   #lovemygirlcousins


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