March Madness: Are You In?

Well the NCAA selection committee has made it’s decisions about who is out and who is in.  Now thousands of brackets will be completed and submitted in pools across the country (and likely the world).  ESPN and CBS Sports and Fox Sports, to name a few, have bracket challenges in which you can enter brackets to win bragging rights and prizes.  But no $1 billion dollar “Perfect Bracket” contest this year; the companies behind the contest are a bit busy in litigation against each other.  But I am sure there may be a few…just a few….office pools, bar contests, and other opportunities for testing one’s mettle versus other bracket entrants with the spectre of prizes at the end of the rainbow.

Seems that filling out a bracket makes watching the games that much more interesting. In years past I have organized bracket contests which resulted in great competition and amazing fun but in recent years I have stepped down from the position of “Pool Manager” and now just exchange my bracket with a small group of family and friends. Less work for me and more time to enjoy the games and the banter with my competitors.

For those of you who are looking for strategies on how to pick the winning bracket, click here, here, and here.  And to all of you who will partake in the festivities best of luck and enjoy the games.  Go Heels!


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