Finding Good (for You) Fast Food at a Nice Price

Life comes at you fast.  If you are like me you are constantly on the go.  In a given week I spent at least half of it in my car traveling to and from a court appearance or other event.  Being on the road so much can lead to some tough choices when trying to eat healthy.  The fatty fast food joints are ubiquitous while the healthier choice spots can be a bit fewer and further between.      Food and fitness..take note!

One way to handle this is to plan ahead—when you can.  I have a large cooler bag I purchased from Wal-Mart about 2 years ago (after having totally worn out a previous bag from about 6 years of use) which will accommodate a decent amount of food and snacks.  My cooler has two main compartments with insulated separation so I can keep some items hot and others cold.  The cooler also has zipped compartments for me to store my napkins, utensils, twist ties, Ziploc bags, and even some mints.  Each day I pack my cooler bag with food to carry me throughout the day. If you do not have and use such a bag in your life already I strongly suggest you consider making the move. Not to mention getting and using a refillable water bottle so you can get in your gallon (or more) of water per day.

If you are caught without food and must make a stop there are a few rules to follow.  Avoid fried and overly salty menu items.  Lighten up on the sauces and dressings.  Opt for water and milk over soft drinks; fruit juices can be a compromise but seek fresh-squeezed when possible.  Click here for a quick article that lists five good healthy meal choices at fast food establishments that can be had for $5 or less.

In sum, the idea is to exercise frequently while eating and drinking quality products.  It is the fuel for your life. Putting bad fuel in your vehicle will call the engine to knock so….. do you really want to frequently feed your body bad food?  Really?




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