Coming Attraction: John O’Neal to Speak on Vehicle Law

Thanks to Law to the People and Timothy Peterkin for reaching out to me and asking me to share my humble opinions, knowledge, and experience with members of the legal community.  I will be presenting at an April 30, 2015 continuing education seminar in Durham and I hope to see several consumer attorneys and advocates there.  My goal is to impart information in an interesting and engaging manner so as to facilitate discussion and encourage other legal professionals to consider helping North Carolina consumers who have issues relating to vehicles.

“Vehicle Law” is a somewhat amorphous term but it can be defined to include failure to disclose vehicle damage, vehicle financing follies, auto fraud, odometer rollbacks, conditional/spot delivery issues, wrongful repossession, and.  I have a few colleagues across North Carolina who handle cases that fall within the ambit of vehicle law but I know for a fact that there are significant areas of North Carolina that lack legal professionals handling these cases.  While no one person can save the world (or the state) the goal should be to try to help as many folks as reasonably and logistically possible.  Unfortunately with the scarce number of attorneys handling these cases far too many abuses and legal violations go unchecked.

To register for the seminar click here.  Hope you can join us and, if not, maybe the next time around.  Be well and please do share this post with anyone you believe may be interested.


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  1. Jeff

    Way to go John! Congratulations.

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