Getting Back

Welcome back to our ongoing conversation.  Sorry I have been away so long. Between the holidays, time with family, year-end stuff, year-start stuff, and a couple of recent family deaths I have been away from the blogosphere for a while.  I hope all is well with you and yours and I look forward to resuming our discussion.

As a reminder, this blog is meant to be a resource for legal information and some life information (hence the blog’s name, “Law and Life”.)  I hope that you take some time to read the Free Information Center, review the blog posts by topic, learn something, and pass along information to family and friends whom you believe can benefit therefrom.  Also if you have comments, questions, or suggestions I invite you to share those with me by clicking on any blog post and typing in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the page.  Note whatever you type in this “Leave a Reply” box may appear on the blog so if you have a desire for privacy you can send your comment, question, or suggestion to me directly via email to

On the “Law” side this year I hope to continue sharing case results, consumer alerts, and helpful information across several areas of law.  On the “Life” side I strive to inform, encourage, and empower readers to excel and be better.  Again, if you read a post that you believe is particularly informative or important feel free to share it with the people in your midst.  If I can prevent some people from needing the services of a lawyer I have accomplished at least part of my mission by writing this blog.

In closing, welcome to a new year and may it be the best of your life.  Chat again in the near future.

NOTE:  This blog post is dedicated in loving memory of my wonderful cousin and Little Sister, Rhonda Monique Joyner Ward.  I treasure the times I shared with you and thank you for all the lessons you taught me.  Love you much and miss you daily. I am better because of you…

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