Small Fry Debt Collector is Now A Big-Time Debtor: Here’s How…

Debt collectors have a job to do like anyone else.  And I suppose nobody really begrudges the collector who follows the letter and spirit of the law and conducts himself with dignity.  But the debt collection industry, like virutally every industry or profession, has some bad apples in the proverbial bunch.

One really bad apple is some dude who went by the name of John Anderson.  In collecting on a car loan, Anderson went way beyond the bounds of what most folks would consider ethical or decent and apparently went beyond the bounds of the law.  Interestingly enough when the debtor he harassed turned the tables on him, Anderson failed to appear in court to sufficiently defend his actions. Perhaps he stop the madness!realized it was to no avail.

In the end Anderson managed to go from trying to collect on $350.00 in late car payments from a consumer to owing the consumer over $33,000.00.  An excellent return on investment if you ask me.  Anderson says he will not pay because he cannot pay…….wow.  I for one hope the woman decides to undertake efforts to collect on at least part of the money she is due.  Perhaps Anderson (or whomever he actually is) will learn how it feels to be harangued except this time it should be all legal.

Chalk one up for the good guys and girls.  And let this be a lesson to rogue debt collectors.  Across the country consumers are fighting back.


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  1. Jeff

    “We’re not terrible people. The industry as a whole is a good thing,” Doane said. “We return $52 billion to the economy every year as an industry. That is a major amount of money.”

    Return to the economy?


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