How-To Guide for Paralegals Re Case Intakes

This past June I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of eagle-eyed paralegals at the 2014 North Carolina Advocates for Justice Convention at the Sea Trail Resort and Conference Center in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  My topic was how to handle case intakes for which I presented a paper (NCAJ Case Intake CLE–Convention 2014–PDF version) to the paralegals and engaged in a lively question-and-answer session at the end of my brief presentation.  I am sharing the paper with whomever may wish to read such.  The paper has an appendix with several forms ready for your use or modification for use in your practice.

For paralegals, I hope this helps you in your respective practices and do feel free to share with your colleagues.   Free Resource!

For attorneys, please review the presentation as there are some bits and bytes of information which you may find helpful as you constantly (and is constantly isn’t it?) seek to keep your practice refreshed and optimized.  Again, feel free to share the paper with your colleagues and any other legal professionals you think may benefit from such.

For clients and prospective clients you too can gain some knowledge and information from reading the paper.  It gives you insight as to how legal professionals view cases and clients and what drives decisions on whether and on what basis to take certain cases.  And you too can feel free to forward the paper as you deem appropriate.

If you have questions or comments feel free to share in the “Comment” box below.  Happy reading and forwarding and hope you find the paper helpful.

NCAJ Case Intake CLE–Convention 2014–PDF version



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