Debt Collection A to Z: K is for Knowingly

We all make mistakes and they carry consequences.  Forgiveness can be applied in certain situations.  However, knowingly doing things that violate the law is a different matter.  Especially when these things are doing on multiple occasions.

In the world of debt collection (and consumer matters for that matter) knowingly violating the law can lead to some steep consequences and penalties.  These include treble damages, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees to name a few.  If law enforcement or the Attorney General/U.S. Attorney’s office becomes involved then the problems are “kicked up a notch” for the violator.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a company or collector violated the law knowingly.  Consumers should not spend their time trying to investigate and track down a history of bad acts.  Leave this and other relative heavy lifting to an experienced consumer law attorney.  Delegation of these tasks can save consumers time and result in money.  Refuse to be a victim of intimidation and unfair practices by debt collectors. Seek help.


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