Roll Call: Did You Vote?

No excuses, just do it.  Too bad if you didn’t do it before now.  Just do it on Tuesday, November 4th……!  If you are not a participant in the democratic process you lack full ability to complain and make suggestions.

Need to know where to go and the hours for your polling place?  Click here.  As an alternative you can click here if you are a registered voter in North Carolina.

This election could swing the balance of control in the United States Senate.  Additionally, there are local officials seeking to claim or retain seats plus many referendums of importance across the United States.  Let your voice be heard and make sure you can wear this button by the end of the day on Tuesday:

I voted




1 Comment

  1. Jeff A.

    John O’Neal for N.C.S.Ct.!!

    I am announcing the commencement of my overnight, write-in campaign on the internet on your behalf and on behalf of the people of NC right in the comments section of your blog.


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