How Bad Paper May Give You More Than a Paper Cut

Recently on NPR, Jake Halpern, the author of the book “Bad Paper” was interviewed and shared a glimpse into the intriguing, complicated, twisted, and sometimes dangerous world of debt buying.  The book seems to be a fascinating read although it may only seem such to some consumer lawyers and others particularly involved or interested in the debt industry.  But the interview transcript and podcast are quite lively and can pique the interest of someone not involved in the debt industry.  Tales of minimal proof of debts and gun-brandishing standoffs are in tow.

If you have issues with debt buyers, collectors, creditors, or other entities relating to collection of a debt don’t guess about how to handle the situation.  Contact an experienced consumer attorney and get some good counsel and advice.


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  1. Bad Paper describes a very small portion of the debt buying industry. Most debt buyers are legitimate financial institutions, but like in any businesses the actions of a few rule breakers, gives an entire industry a bad name.

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