Lawyer Treating You Right? and.. Are You Treating Your Lawyer Right?

If you have a lawyer-on-call or are in the midst of legal representation you should be familiar with the attorney-client relationship.  It is obviously a very important brief info for your briefcase arrangement which often embraces some of the most important matters in one’s life.  Wrongful death, serious personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, workers’ compensation……….to name a few.

Over the course of life many people have the need to consult and engage a lawyer.  If you hire a lawyer you should be mindful it is a two-way street and be sure your lawyer is giving you what you need (not what you want; the two are NOT always the same) while you provide the resources and assistance needed for your case.  For a six-point checklist on your relationship with your lawyer click here.

If you are in need of legal services in any of my areas of practice please contact me at your convenience.  I am glad to consult with you and help you determine whether I can help you.  Best wishes to you and yours………….and thanks for a few moments of your time.


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