Reunion Lessons

For those of you who read my previous post about my 25-year high school reunion you can tell it was a great event.  It left me inspired and motivated.  Here are at least three lessons I took from the weekend’s events and the aftermath…

1. Power of a Committed Few.  The Reunion planning committee defied some naysayers and overcame certain obstacles to put together a fantastic event weekend. The attendees (about 1/3 of the graduating class) created a buzz and energy that made the event a rousing success.  Already many who did not attend wish they had attended and state will be sure to attend the next Reunion.  All of this came from the work of a few really dedicated ladies; I helped out when and where I could and was honored to serve on the planning committee.

2. Power of Purpose.  Too often people dread reunions and feel inadequate and unworthy to attend if they are not rich, famous, or successful….or all of the above. That should not be the standard for deciding whether to attend a reunion. A reunion—school, family, job, etc.—- should be an opportunity with at least one common bond to come together and, at a minimum, celebrate being alive and able to attend. Beyond that there should be catching up (with each other) and pumping up (of each other). Leave all the flexing and egoism outside.

3. Power of Potential. Upon leaving the Reunion I had an awesome sense of pride and hope for the future. I want all classmates to do well and be well and I appreciate those who inspire and challenge me. The potential for ongoing connections is endless. The prospects for our next class Reunion are already taking shape…..sounds like it could be a cruise. This may change but whatever the next Reunion looks like I pray I am able to attend and see many more of my classmates and their families as we once again seek to celebrate our lifelong ties as New Bern Bears.

We all need hope and things to look forward to as we move through life. My high school classmates provide some of that for me and for that I am thankful. I also reunioning with fellow UNCG Spartans.  And I definitely love family reunions……matter of fact I was at a family reunion one week after my 25th high school reunion.

What about you?  What things inspire you and give you hope?  Reflect on this and accept my best wishes in all your endeavors.


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